Large Docks

Transmark Subsea and its subsidiary WiSub have come together to enable underwater docking of large Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV). These vehicles are also sometimes also referred to as UID™ or Underwater Intervention Drones, and are becoming a key tool in the fight to reduce emissions during underwater exploration & intervention.

In addition to the larger docking systems presented on this page, Transmark Subsea also provides small, flexible underwater docking systems which provide similar benefit at a different technical specification and price point.

Why Underwater Docking?

Underwater docking systems are essential to enable recharging of batteries and re-tasking missions for the underwater vehicles performing useful work, without having to recover them to the deck of a ship. These large underwater docks enable powerful, long-range underwater vehicles to “live” on the seabed, becoming so-called “resident”.

Tasks traditionally performed from surface support vessels can now become shore-based, removing the need for a vessel that consumes energy and human resources to station-keep over the underwater work site.

Equinor UID™ universal docking station incorporating WiSub™ Fonn Observation System and Transmark Subsea Murene long-life hose systems


Technical Specifications

Transmark Subsea has extensive experience delivering long life systems (LLS) for use in subsea production systems and intervention systems. The UID dock combines Transmark Subsea LLS with WiSub’s Torden 3000 Watt pinless connector system and related underwater instrumentation including represented product lines from DeepSea Power & Light.

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