Universal Ocean Access

The ARV-i enables small, affordable underwater drones to be operated from remote locations such as a shore-based control room, reducing human presence in the sensitive and high-risk ocean environment, providing 24/7 access to the ocean, and reducing harmful emissions by eliminating the need for traditional large surface support vessels.


The system comprises a convergence of disruptive technologies: underwater docking technology, small commercially accessible underwater vehicles, and high-bandwidth underwater optical communication.

Drone charging and communications is made possible through connection to the submerged dock via WiSub patented electromagnetic (EM) interface and Hydromea underwater optical modems.

Use Cases


Resident Systems Large and Small

There is no “one size fits all”. Transmark Subsea also provides larger docking systems to support larger-format drones.

We direct you to this page to learn more about our large-format underwater docks.


Click to download our ARV-i Datasheet.