Transmark Academy

On May 22-25, 2015, the first workshop in our new educational program “Transmark Academy”, took place outside of Dalaman, Turkey. The workshop was directed by Chris and Susan of the St. Georges Institute of Leadership & Management.

Chris & Susan have extended experience within human relations and organizing from different cultures all over the world. They manage their courses combined with hotelmanagement at the exclusive hotel, “The Escape” in the Taurus Mountains in the south of Turkey. A 4-star, historic villa with fantastic outdoor areas and great cuisine.

In addition to our Norwegian representatives, Kristine Høysæter and Christopher Onarheim from Transmark Subsea AS in Bergen, the other companies in the Transmark group in the Netherlands, Chile, Turkey and Great Britain, were represented at the academy. Several of the participants shared rooms, and had in that way, a unique opportunity to get to know each other across different work fields and cultures. Relations was a main theme for the workshop along with:

  • Competency
  • Change
  • Culture
  • Capability

The participants worked from early morning till late at night and all theories were put into context with activities and tasks. The participants were challenged both in teams and individually and sometimes they had to make calculated risks in order to finish the activities.

Kristine and Christopher describe this 4-day workshop as incredibly educational and useful. They got insight to the other companies in the Transmark group, they had to cooperate across cultures, Challenge and further develope their leadership skills and last but not least – they made friends in other competent, great colleagues in the Transmark family.

We look forward to more workshops and further development of the Transmark Academy in the future.