R&D grant from Norwegian Research Council

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On December 11, Transmark Subsea were granted NOK 1.5 million from the Regional Research Fund, western Norway. In their press release, the fund says (translated to English by Transmark):

New technology for subsea operations

The technology company Transmark Subsea AS in Bergen is granted NOK 1.5 million for development of a completely new technology for energy transfer and communication under water.

The development in the offshore industry on the Norwegian Shelf is going towards developments in ever deeper waters. At the same time, the need for inspection and maintenance on older oil and gas fields is increasing. In sum, this makes the use of remotely operated underwater vessels –so called ROVs- ever more important, and the requirements for improved maneuvering capabilities increase. 

To reduce the risk- and cost level associated with such operations and to overcome the challenges with battery lifetime, Transmark Subsea will utilize acoustic energy transport and acoustic communication under water.

Åshild Kjelsnes, chairman of the fund, said:
“Transmark will do research on a technology that never before has been used under water. The expert panel appointed by the fund to evaluate the project concluded that we here talk about R&D at the technological forefront of its field. It does of course carry with it risk for failure, but at the same time this research has great potential gains for an industry that is very important for the western region and for Norway as a whole.”

The research institute CMR in Bergen is the cooperative partner in the project.