Seismic Cable Systems (SCS)

OCTIO AS’ SWIM system, terminated and assembled by Transmark Subsea. Photo taken during field deployment

Whether you are in need of assessment of your equipment or an electromechanical integrator for your entire system; Transmark Subsea, with our experienced crew and flexible, spacious facilities, are here to support you.

As a supplier to several of the major players in the seismic industry, we pride ourselves in providing quality, cost effectiveness and high delivery rates. Internal vulcanising of sealing applications and a strong technical department enable us to contribute with tailor made critical components for your system.

Products and services:

  • Terminations and sealing solutions, ranging from single sensor lead splices to airgun umbilical terminations.
  • High current couplers and connector equipment for electromagnetic survey systems
  • Instrument cables with your choice of connector brand
  • Electromechanical assembly and system integration
  • OBC and OBN assembly
  • Verification- and qualification testing of components and system
  • World-wide on- and offshore field services
  • IMR, storage and asset management