Connector- and Cable Systems (CCS)

Transmark Subsea supplies a large range of connector types; electrical, fiber optic and hybrid.  We specialise in design, qualification and manufacturing of cable assemblies and -systems according to customers’ specifications for all depths of sea water.

We supply dry-mate, wet-mate and ROV mateable connectors to specification.

Transmark Subsea carry stock of connectors and cable types used on ROVs all over the world, and we can produce the cable assemblies with short lead time.  We supply system cables such as oilfilled-, Kevlar/Aramid/Steel braided, umbilicals and tether cables.

A small selection of our stocked connectors:

SeaCon 55-series, Wet-Con and Micro Wet-Con, Rubber Molded and Glass re-inforced Epoxy, Mini-Con and Metal Shell Connectors.
Gisma Series 10, Series 40 and Series 80

Most underwater connectors can be supplied on request.

Other products and services:

  • Slip rings for fiber (SM and MM), electrical signals and power
    Princetel Inc
  • Launch and recovery systems, winches and pressure vessels
  • Subsea cameras, lights and pan & tilt units
  • Different subsea add-ons like Fibre optic Gyros (FOG), Multiplexers, Luminance detectors (sniffers), underwater displays, underwater battery packs, altimeters and inclinometers etc

Subsea Cables and Connectors