Transmark acquires WiSub

Connectivity in the underwater environment is the mission for Norwegian companies Transmark Subsea and WiSub; their combined forces deliver unprecedented automation capabilities to the blue growth sector internationally.

Both companies have been key equipment and service providers to the Equinor underwater intervention drone (UID™) docking stations since 2018. This convergence of mature cable and connector manufacturing and design with innovative wireless underwater power and data transfer systems ensures reliable delivery of turnkey docking solutions. These systems support subsea automation, especially for enabling underwater drones to remain persistently resident at the underwater work site but operated safely from shore.

As humanity expands their exploration and exploitation of the vast resources of our planet’s oceans, underwater automation technology emerges as a key enabler for increased safety and reliability, reduced costs and ability to scale. The Norwegian Government’s Ocean Strategy document highlights the importance of leadership in this space and humanity’s ability to realize the full potential of our ocean’s resources. Underwater operations have for centuries been possible using divers, followed in the past four decades by robots operated from ships and platforms. These robotic vehicles endure longer hours and harsher environments than a human diver. Wireless drones now represent the next evolution in this space. By enabling the placement of operators in a position of safety on shore, personnel are shielded from the resource-rich but deadly workplace below the waves. WiSub pinless underwater connection as part of Transmark Subsea systems provides the advanced interconnection infrastructure that enables this new era of underwater drone exploration.

Retrofitting and evolving underwater inspection and material handling infrastructure via autonomous and remote-control drones also delivers environmental benefits, increased safety and capacity while reducing or eliminating the need for surface vessels that emit harmful climate-change gasses. Delivering on the UN’s sustainable development goal (SDG) Target 9.4, these new underwater automation systems become an integral component of green, efficient automation systems. Further delivering on SDG Target 14.a, these new systems also accelerate data acquisition within the world’s oceans through the enabling of true autonomy for underwater drone fleets.

  • Transmark Subsea is taking a leadership position in emerging markets through recent acquisitions and projects including delivering advanced systems for remote and automated control. WiSub’s team and technology are an important part of our strategic vision in this space.
  • I am excited for WiSub to be joining the Transmark family. Our combined forces make a whole which is greater than the sum of its parts,” said Mark Bokenfohr, WiSub’s former CEO/founder and Transmark Subsea’s new Business Development Manager. “We’re proud to be part of accelerating access to oceans and the responsible use of their vast and valuable resources.