Cable and Connector Systems

Stock of Cables for ROVs/ROTs and other oceanographic equipment. In-house Polyurethane and molding capability.

Subsea Cable and Connectors


  • Cable and connector systems for ROV/ROT/AUV and other oceanographic equipment
  • Scientific and general subsea interconnection
  • In house Rubber and Polyurethane molding
  • Refurbishment and repair of cable and connectors systems
  • Electrical, optical and pressure tests of finished products
  • In stock a wide assortment of cables and connectors
  • Oil-filled or hard cable systems
  • Underwater stab connectors for diver- or ROV installation
  • Umbilical- and tether terminations, steel armored or aramid reinforced
  • Underwater lights, -cameras and -tools

As being the official distributor of Seacon we also have a wide range of Seacon connectors in stock