Research and Development

Connectivity Subsea: our deep experience in connectivity, mechanical design, electronics design, PBOF systems and electrical termination assures our customers that they are receiving the best-in-class systems and products.

Transmark Subsea’s creative and highly-skilled engineering department provides designed solutions spanning from subsea fittings and adaptors to specialised penetrators.

A diverse and experienced staff of electronics R&D engineers develop and deliver pinless subsea connection for power & communications to enable non-contact electrical power and data transfer.

We combine these key competences to design & deliver complex bespoke subsea systems such as subsea docking systems for underwater drones.

Our field experience and knowledge translates to suitable product and system design. This motivated team thrives on finding the best solution for your particular challenge, using

  • Custom design solutions
  • Analysis
  • R&D
  • Inventor & SolidWorks 3D software