Boxfish Underwater Drones: setting the standard for underwater inspection

When you need information for emergency repairs, environmental mapping or routine inspections…

The Remotely Operated Vehicle Boxfish ROV’s  innovative lightweight design offers easy deployment and operation with a crew of just two, and from virtually any small boat without the need for further equipment. At just 23kg, it is easy to launch and recover by hand and operates down to 500m with an option to go to 1000m and beyond.

Its uncompressed 4K main camera is complemented by two additional built-in ultra-wide-angle navigation cameras, offering unprecedented surround visibility and giving the pilot excellent situational awareness. This, coupled with the auto-stabilisation system and pilot assist features, make piloting the Boxfish ROV a breeze.

4K UHD 17-inch Boxfish Console for monitoring the video and footage allows making adjustments in lighting, positioning and advanced settings during filming.

Should an unexpected disaster strike, the ROV has a fault-tolerant design allowing it to continue to operate with several fouled thrusters. Additionally, if communication is lost, the ROV will automatically return to the surface under its own power.

  • Easy to setup, deploy and drive
  • Unparalleled vision (uncompressed 4K video, and the only vehicle of its kind to delivery near-zero latency 4K video)
  • Maneuverability (eight 3D-vectored thrusters)
  • Long Battery Life
  • Serviceability
  • Superb lighting
  • Industry leading image quality to retain colour and textural information
  • Imaging sonar for work in poor visibility condition





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